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Why I said Thank You...

A few weeks ago nearly 7 months after Graces passing I was plagued with guilt... yes guilt!

I was raised to be courteous and polite as a child this is something which I bring to my own children, never would Grace not say please or Thank you and Elliot is being taught the same.

It had been bothering me that I had never thanked one particular Dr who had cared for Grace. Please don’t get me wrong here everyone who cared for Grace did a wonderful job but this particular Dr made a lasting impression on myself and Stu.

He took over Graces care the day she went into PICU but the reason we will never forget him is because he fought with all his might to save our precious girl whilst remaining open and honest with us every step of the way... no stone was left unturned whilst we waited on her Mitochondrial Disease test results.

I wrote a letter to him simply thanking him (and some colleges) for their care, compassion and determination to turn it around for Grace and our family when frankly the odds were stacked against us.

Yesterday I received a reply from him, something that I never expected I merely wanted him to know how grateful we were. You see the NHS has pretty bad press at times but what never gets said is how brilliant it is.

Nurses work way past their finish times often without lunch breaks and hot drinks, yet they manage it with a smile day after day. Consultants make hard decisions which sometimes results in them being abused, yet these Drs have to go home to their own families day after day and I am sure they have to try and forget what happened at “work” they are only human after all they feel our hurt and losing patients like Graces Case must hurt them too, they study and practice medicine to save lives not watch them disappear.

Please remember a simple Thank you goes a really long way.

Thank you to all of the NHS Staff that cared for Grace in her 5 weeks at The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and The Horton General Hospital, Banbury.

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