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It’s Mitochondrial Disease awareness week

What is Mitochondrial Disease? This is a question I hear a lot and it’s thanks to The Lily Foundation that I can offer a simple answer to this question...

Mitochondrial disease, or 'mito', is the term given to a group of medical disorders caused by mutations in mitochondria, the tiny organelles that are present in nearly every cell in our bodies and which generate about 90% of the energy we need to live, the batteries to your DNA if you like. Cells cannot function properly without healthy mitochondria.

Grace was a perfectly healthy, happy and vibrant 3 year old until from nowhere we found ourselves in an unthinkable situation where she was having seizures which were refusing to come under control.

Coronation Street has taken on the incredibly hard storyline of a child who has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and for those of you that watch this soap you will know this week young Oliver has taken a turn for the worst and is currently in intensive care.

We know this situation all too well in fact it feels as if they have written our story but for us this surfaces some pretty painful memories what happened next for us no parent wants to even think about let alone go through it.

So what is Mitochondrial Disease? Well to us it’s a family wrecking, cruel, painful and life changing disease.

We have so many happy memories, but that’s all they are now memories and they are clouded by pain and hurt. The one that hurts the most is the photographic memories that never leave you...

These are the last images of Grace that are etched into my memory forever, it hurts like hell.

You can help support The Lily Foundation’s work by Texting MITO to 70450 to donate £3. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you! #mitoaware

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