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School Anxiety

As children begin to return to school, it brings a mix of emotions for me.

Elliot (Graces little brother) is about to embark on the start of his school journey and will be starting Pre-School this week.

I am so excited for him as we are lucky enough to have a very incredible preschool which is perfect for my little mud monster.

Grace loved school, she was always thrilled to go and had the best time and would come home with such enthusiasm telling us what she had done that day, however she only experienced this for 5 short months.

This is where my mix of emotions come in, a small part of me lives in fear of this. Crazy really as we know Elliot does not have the same gene mutation therefore the same is never going to happen but anxiety isn’t that kind.

Let’s hope the end of 2020 can be a bit kinder to all the children out there.

Happy School return week to all.


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