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They say tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so live in the moment...

Grace was incredible at expressing her feelings, interacting, getting along and making friends with other children and adults something that her school noticed and myself, Kira and the rest of her family notice as well.

I am new to this, meanwhile graces mum Kira is great with her blogging and Facebook posts through graces page ‘Supporting Team Grace’.

I always have so many thoughts going through my head while shearing sheep or tractor driving I just find it hard to get it on paper but with so many good intentions on getting my thoughts down.

So here goes!

One thought that keeps going through my head with Kira and Elliot back in the UK after a much deserved break in new Zealand with some amazing friends old and new but with me still shearing over here until the beginning of March is The phrase ‘They won’t remember this at thier age’ I am sure we have all used it,I am know Kira and I have!

This phrase is so true in many ways but since losing grace this has changed things for us in so many ways. Yes Elliot won’t remember these first few years of his life, but Kira and I will, we will remember when we brought him home for the first time and Grace gave him his first sister cuddle, we will remember when Grace use to give him a toy to try and stop him crying, we will remember Grace had bed time cuddles with Elliot while we would read her favourite book ‘The Scarecrow Wedding’.

That’s why having Elliot and Kira over in New Zealand with me for 5 weeks this season was so important to me. Yes it is a long way and yes tickets are not cheap. But Elliot had the most amazing time ever and Kira got a much deserved break although Elliot being like me and on the go all the time she might use the word break lightly.

We made some amazing memories in New Zealand with new and old friends, it was hard leaving home with out Grace as this was meant to be something we did as a family of four not three.

These memories will stay with us for ever and Elliot will get to see them with all the pictures we took as he will get to see all the pictures we have of Grace and the many more of how much Grace was a loving caring big sister, something that is not going to be easy for Kira and myself but we will be proud to tell Elliot of our memories of his big sister and what an inspiration she is to us and how that smile she had could change any bad day into the best of our lives.


Grace‘s Daddy

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