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The moment time stood still...

23rd April 2018, 13:02 “I’m really sorry she has gone now”

Nothing and I mean NOTHING can or will prepare you for holding your first born in your arms while she takes her last breath.

It may have been an entire year ago but it hurts like it was 5 minutes ago. The pain you feel is physical, you feel your heart break in slow motion whilst trying to breath. Surrounded by the most incredible Doctors and Nurses but we knew even this pain was too advanced for them to take away.

I spent many weeks talking myself out of hyperventilating because I hurt so much it consumed me when the monsoon of sadness flooded in. I gave up caffeine because all that did was feed my ever growing anxiety.

Here we are an entire year later still hurting, still broken, and very different people but we chose to channel the pain into something that does good things for Mito Families/ sufferers and to date we have raised in memory of Grace on behalf of The Lily Foundation over £50,000 but for us this doesn’t stop here we will keep going until a cure can be found and no family ever has to feel this pain ever again.

You needed to leave too soon but we love you so much Grace, keep smiling that gorgeous smile up there.


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