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Mummy returns to work...

I won’t lie it was mixed emotions this week, I was so Excited to start making memories with the little dude (Grace’s brother) share and show him what we did with grace. But it was difficult, the little things like getting the same pushchair out, doing the same school route and seeing the same people and lots of “i remember when” from your 4yr old, who was brought up with grace just makes you want to burst out in tears (we don’t give kids enough credit of what they remember sometimes)

At times wanting to stop turn back and go home, and hide, from all the reminders/memories that hurt yet with a smile on your face at the same time but instead we made Elliot memories and shared a whole load of laughter and smiles in memory of grace and new for Elliot...

It’s the little things in life we ALL take for granted we ALL complain about!

And it’s those “little silly things” we all miss the most.

Enjoy life, enjoy the moment, even if it is stressful and hard work, treasure every single second of that day!

Because one day you will wish to have that all back! 😔🥰

Lots of Love

Auntie LaLa


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