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Fundraising at Full Throttle

The last week was a busy one for Team Grace, we had lots going on for Fundraising in various locations across the south of the UK.

Thursday night saw Grace’s Godfather Karl Fletcher take to the boxing ring at The Lily Foundations 7th Fight Night with his cousin John Dyer to Fight against Mito, this came after training hard for months. Needless to say when we arrived at The Grand in Clapham both parties were nervous, neither needed to be as they had been dedicated to their training and were physically fit enough and couldn’t have done it for a better cause. After 3 gruelling rounds Karl managed to take the edge and won the fight, there were a total of 13 fights that night and it raised a total of £46,378.01.

As if that wasn’t enough on Saturday Karl also joined myself (Grace’s Mummy), Claire (Grace’s Godmother), Kevin, Mark and Alison at The Wolf Run OCR in Warwickshire, 10km of Mud, Water and many obstacles. We completed this in 1hr 40mins Soaking wet, freezing cold and filthy dirty but it was worth it.

A hot bath and lots of scrubbing I went down to Brighton with Rachael who was running the marathon on Sunday morning.

It was a chilly morning in Brighton yesterday and I was feeling a little stiff from Saturdays activities however we made it to the start and left Rachael there to do her thing. Cheering her on at as many points as possible ensuring we were at the finish to greet her. She managed to complete this marathon in 4 hours and 14 mins, she finished well especially given a lot of the last 10miles was with a strong coastal headwind. We also saw The Lily Ladies there at mile 13 cheering all the runners on.

We have incredible friends with massive hearts who support us on our journey of dealing with the loss of our daughter and helping The Lily Foundation fun research into finding a cure.

Thank you to all of you xxx

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