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When new life brings sadness too...

This day last year as we were about to embark on Lambing season Grace was walking round checking our sheep with mummy, granny and the dogs, having a great time as she always did.

Little did we know then that the very next day mitochondrial disease would surface in full force to tear our family’s hearts to shreds.

Today we have welcomed our first set of twins (lambs) to this world a day early but they couldn’t be healthier and happier with mum.

Grace loved this time of the year and who wouldn’t newborn lambs are so adorable and it remind us that spring is finally arriving but this year it is clouded by some sadness too as Grace should be here checking her sheep and telling all her school friends about her lambs.

The way we were introduced to Mitochondrial Disease was cruel but it’s why we have decided to support The Lily Foundation on their quest to help families dealing with Mito and find a cure!!

This weekend we have Chris Barnes running the London Land Marks Half Marathon in

memory of Grace and Rachael Shepard running the Coventry Half Marathon. For Rachel this is her 3rd Half Marathon this year before she does the Brighton Full Marathon next month. We are so grateful to everyone who is helping us with our fundraising.

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