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A piece of us died that day...

7 Months have passed....

How has Grace been gone for 7 months? That’s 214 days, 5136 hours or 30 weeks and 4 days either way it’s too long!

I haven’t had a cuddle with my beautiful girl, I haven’t woken to her crazy smile, been asked for ‘Bov Bov’ aka Bovril on toast for breakfast.

Has it got any easier? No... Some days are a bit easier and I can get through the day without tears but others are crippling. I look at pictures and videos of her and they make me smile, a really genuine smile not the one that I wear as part of my daily routine most days but it still makes my broken heart ache all over again.

I will never ever forget how my body felt the day Grace passed away, that feeling of physically struggling to breath, the lump in my throat that couldn’t go. I honestly felt like I might myself die from a broken heart.

I have an amazing Husband who whilst he was hurting just as much as me he helped me through the coming weeks and months. I also have fantastic family and friends without them all I couldn’t have carried on.

We are lucky to have amazing people around us and our family, our son also is Disease free so maybe I should be more grateful but right now it’s too raw, it hurts too much and frankly I am a bit cross at Mother Nature, she dealt us a cruel hand in 2018... Whilst we will find our way to carry on we will never be the same people again!

We miss you baby girl xxx

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